I’m not sure what happened.

Looking at photos of me when I first moved here and I was much more … active. I would party more, I was happier..

I guess having to work 40 hours with a job where I’m to exhausted to do anything after I get off took it’s toll.. Super unfortunate. I would like to enjoy some nights here again. 

Also not sure what to do with my hair. 

I want a hair dryer. lol.

From every article ive read, it says soda isn’t a cause of acne. That it’s became of oily skin, hormones, ect. I’ve always been skeptical of this.I’ve always have had bad eating habits and i feel that it’s a big reason why I’ve been struggling with acne. Not the main reason, but a reason none the less. Now, why I being this up is because the other day Iwas helping a roommate with a project and had to drink 90oz of soda in one night. The next morning I woke up with ance bumps on my face,but didn’t think much of them. A few days later, now, its become noticable and bringing me down. And the only reasons that fits is that I had to drink so much soda in one night. And i always have had breakouts after Mario Party Candy Bowl Bro Nights. Im just having a toigh time accepting that they say sugar and unhealthful foods are not a cause of acne. Haha, im not sure. I wanted to poat this for aome reason..

Yup, told my roommates everything that’s been upsetting me and why I feel like they’re disrespectful to me. And then they go out and invite everyone in the apartment but me.

So, I guess I’m done trying to be friends with them.. Whatever I guess.. Life goes on.

Idk I’ve been really emotional these last few days and I’ve been sad.


I would never make my bed when i lived at home … Now I make it everyday.

The only thing I’ve done wrong since I moved to Colorado was not being born into a wealthy family. Literally the only thing. If I had wealth I wouldn’t have to worry about any of this.

Which is why I should probably stop being friends with everyone here. If it’s the fact I cant afford shit that makes me an outcast than they’re not real friends, they’re just assholes.

This might be good…
Im sad and everything.. so now i can find those things that make me happy again.

Either you live longer than your friends or you don’t.

That scares me.

So attractive.

I remembered i have icees. It has calories and its a liquid.they make me feel better.haha. kinda
And i dont feel thwt bad sjnce o eat them slowly.
Sorry my words are spelt wrong and all, on my phone.
And im watching adventure time.
Obly 4:36am lol… Uggh….